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Aug 30, 2019

Sutter sends the posse into the tiny settlement of Dogleg to round up a couple Lazy S ranch hands that didn't return during the night prior. What they find is a few men in undeserved positions of power. 
We want to  thank Caleb Sunsted and Marshall Sims for appearing as guests in this episode. 
We had a lot of fun and you guys are awesome for playing with us.

Sighting At Bigtooth Ridge ​- Eagle Stone Collective - John Newtown's Conversion
Wild Works volume 8  ​- Eagle Stone Collective - Arkansas Wind
These Lands Are Our Freedom ​- Eagle Stone Collective - Full Moon Over The Hills 
Music For The Carrian And Others Doped Vultures ​- Eagle Stone Collective - Bourbon Buzzard
It's In The Eyes That Shines The Kingdom - Eagle Stone Collective - Promises